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The InSIGHT Programme™

InSIGHT Programme™ Membership Application

Dear Friend,
I will not try to sell you on applying for The InSIGHT Programme™. Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for …and who it’s NOT for. This programme is for:

  • Project Managers, Change Managers, Business Analysts who are tired of watching promised benefits evaporate before their very eyes.
  • People who have been subject to failed change projects and want to know how to prevent them happening again.
  • People who want to work on projects and programmes that deliver guaranteed ROI and benefits realisation.
  • People who value helping others and want to leave an organisation in better condition than that in which they found it.
  • People who know their stuff but realise that the context in which we apply our skills is what really determines our success.
  • Project Managers, Change Managers and Business Analysts who are already successful and want to ensure they understand the organisation they have been engaged to change.

This programme is not for:

  • Project Managers, Change Managers and Business Analysts who are happy to be paid to do stupid stuff if that’s what the client wants.
  • People who are happy to focus on artefacts rather than real, sustainable change.
  • People who think success is ticking-off a list of deliverables.
  • People who use deceptive practices, or smell dodgy in any way.
  • People who are so busy they don’t have time to learn anything new.

And now for some more brutal honesty.

This is expensive.

Plus, you’ll be required to implement what you learn …fast …and share your results. There is work to be done. What else? Hmm …oh yes, you’ll be asked to share what’s working in your current and most recent projects with the rest of the group (just as fellow members will be required to share their secrets with you).

Here’s How It Works

First, you’ll need to enter your REAL email address below. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you will book a 15-minute call with me in which we will see if this programme can help solve your burning issues.
One of two things will come from that call.

• Either, I’ll decide that we are not a good match and I’ll let you know politely.

• Or, I’ll decide we might be a good match and we will schedule a longer call to see if we really are.

Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We’re cool either way.

I’m only looking for high-calibre Project Managers, Change Managers and Business Analysts to join The InSIGHT Programme™. And in 15 minutes we’ll know whether we suit each other or not.

Here’s the First Step..

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