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Flying Blind
10 Critical ROI Blind Spots

For Senior Executives Who Are Accountable For Delivering A Positive Return-on-Investment From Their Corporate Change Projects


Strategic Advisor To Senior Executives Preparing For
Transformational Change

Deliver Positive ROI on Your Corporate Change Project and
Exceed Outcome Expectations


Understand the Uniqueness Of Your Organisation And Deliver Full-Spectrum Change

Most change management theories and business consulting models start with the view that you need to identify the future you want and then plan a pathway to get there. The status quo in organisations exists only as something to be moved away from. But what if this approach creates blind spots and contributes to the high percentage of corporate change projects that fail?

Change projects fall short because the people involved don’t actually understand the uniqueness of the organisation they are seeking to change. You can turn your corporate change initiative into something clearly defined that fits your organisation like a glove and takes into account the people, the place, the work, and all forms of ROI – tangibles (time and money), intangibles, and strategic advantage.

Deliver complete change throughout your organisation, not just one part of it.

In this revolutionary book, you’ll discover:

  • The hidden reasons 70% of change projects fail to finish on time and don’t deliver expected outcomes
  • Why understanding your organisation on all levels is critical for ensuring change projects succeed
  • How using the wrong business model takes away your competitive advantage and damages your productivity
  • Where to find the change heroes in your organisation and why they’re more effective than outside consultants for championing initiatives



Stephen Hay started his professional life as a surveyor and moved to the corporate environment as an employee and leader. He has more than two decades of experience working with change programmes from both sides of the coin and has guided numerous large and small organisations in the service sector through difficult and complex transitions and improvement initiatives.

Stephen’s keen ability for business analysis and highly professional attitude allow him to communicate constructively with all stakeholders – a highly valuable asset in the context of difficult and often conflict-prone projects. He captures the finest details of complex processes accurately and also takes “soft” issues into account while maintaining a clear vision of how things fit into the big picture. All of this makes him highly sought after by organisations looking to build successful change programmes.

Want to LEARN 10 blind spots about corporate change projects?


to create an
EFFECTIVE change programme?

Stephen was very effective in communicating the definitive, detailed reasons behind the changes suggested. He repeatedly reminded us that there were valid, functional reasons for the changes; that in order for TFL to survive and position itself for future stability, changes were essential and the need for implementation was urgent.

He helped staff discover their sense of ownership of both the problems inherent in the organisational structure and their ability to initiate change. They realised that change ultimately enhances both customer service and corporate health.

Taito Tabeleka

Chief Executive Officer, Telecom Fiji Limited, Fiji Islands

Stephen provided a pragmatic business process framework to support our organisational strategy project at NZTE. He has a quiet style that doesn’t dominate, ensuring that all team members understood the process and allowing them and senior leadership the space to drive the process to the desired outcome. Provided valuable follow-up around team culture and communication.

Richard Laverty

GM Strategy, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

After meeting a few times informally, I contacted Stephen to work with me on a particular piece of business improvement within my corporate services group. I was impressed with Stephen’s knowledge and ability to listen and guide while allowing me to maintain ownership of my goals. Stephen was a good person to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Grant McKenna

General Manager, Finance & Corporate Services ServiceIQ

I always found Stephen’s input extremely valuable, whether it was by way of analysing processes, devising business improvements or acting as a strategic advisor.

Stephen is a highly perceptive, thoughtful and skilful professional who delivers quality results. He communicates effectively with managers and staff and produces well-written, concise reports and advice.

In summary, Stephen has always provided perceptive insights to the issues we faced and delivered excellent value.

Zoran Bolevich

Director Demand and Performance Evaluation, Branch NSW Ministry of Health

Going into the meeting I had a preconceived idea of what I would get from the meeting – and I have to say that I was entirely wrong. In talking with Stephen (I talked, he listened and asked questions) it opened my eyes to areas of my business where I hadn’t previously focused.

Stephen didn’t profess to know anything about my business and he didn’t try to force his own ideas – but he did get me thinking, and thinking is something I can highly recommend to every business owner!

Camilla Welch

Managing Director, Label and Litho Limited

I have worked with Stephen Hay at Learning Lab Denmark. Stephen was trying to make some sense of a very anarchistic organisation. In my view he did an excellent job at balancing the need for speed and trailblazing with accountability and systematic strategy development. In addition to this professional approach and skill, Stephen Hay is a very amiable and inspiring person to be around.

Søren Kjaer Jensen

Consortium Director, Learning Lab Denmark

Regardless of your business, the key to effective corporate change is to understand your organisation, not change it.

Understanding your organisation is a lot different from changing it. Understanding comes from looking from a variety of angles and perspectives and then blending them into one coherent whole that reflects the unique aspects of your business.

Countless times, Stephen has witnessed senior executives wrestle with understanding this uniqueness and translating it to a competitive advantage. Now Stephen reveals the blind spots to creating highly successful change projects in his insightful book, Flying Blind.

Blind spots such as:

  • “Employee engagement is the same as job satisfaction”
  • “Gatekeepers aren’t good change agents”
  • “The maturity of the organisation is right where it needs to be for this change to work”
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