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About Stephen Hay

headshot-v3Strategic transformation expert Stephen Hay is the private advisor to senior executives responsible for corporate change. He provides practical advice for leaders who are accountable for delivering a positive return-on-investment (ROI) from their corporate change projects.

With more than two decades of experience working with change programmes from both sides of the coin, Stephen has guided numerous large and small organisations in the service sector through difficult and complex transitions and improvement initiatives. He has now decided to share the insights and know-how he acquired through operating in demanding change environments.

In his powerful new book Flying Blind, Stephen identifies and deciphers 10 blind spots that leaders must know to ensure their change projects deliver positive ROI. Most change projects are actually pretty well-run, with good management, communications, and clarity on organisational direction. So what is the real reason for the failure of so many change projects? And, more importantly, how do you make certain your programme falls into the small percentage of projects that don’t fail?

Stephen is passionate about sharing a fresh perspective with senior executives on ROI in change projects and its lesser-known counterpart COI, the Cost of Inaction. Not collecting all the information you need to fully understand the organisation you want to change is COI – and it’s the difference between falling into the 70% of projects that fail or staying in the 30% that succeed.

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