You Are a Change Maker

Change Makers craft employee-centric change programmes. You choose to minimise the unintended consequences of change. You choose to understand, deeply, the organisation you seek to change.

Sometimes, you might mess up.

But it is not for want of trying. Better to mess up trying than indulge in faultless lying.

You Are a Creator

As a creator, you are driven to serve. As creator, you go where no-one has gone before. As a creator, you challenge diplomatically and cajole pragmatically. As a creator, you compromise the tactics but not the objectives.

Change makers and creators have a lot in common. They share the same human need for meaning and helping others excel. It’s what we do in our lives. It is often not what we do at work.

Change makers and creators focus on people. And they use good process. It’s about building trust. And delivering results. Sometimes, establishing trust is a good enough result.

If you trust someone, you’ll go to the ends of the earth for them and with them. That’s one way, and a pretty good way, of identifying leaders.

Change makers and creators are leaders but not overtly. They work primarily with ideas. Because ideas are powerful, ideas are strong. And ideas are what bring about change.

Change without an idea behind it is fake change. You can quite reasonably say to a Change Faker, “You have no idea”. You can even say it with an exclamation mark!

Fake change surrounds us. It is more prevalent than fake news. For those who grew up in Australia in the 70s and 80s, you might call it “Clayton’s Change”. But that’s not what you do. You make change. You’re not a faker.

You have an idea. But if you are a Change Taker, the idea has you.

That’s worse than faking, it’s playing the victim. And if you do not confront the idea, treat it as an equal, wrestle with it to try to understand it, you are under its spell. You become a peddler of second-hand ideas.

If you peddle second-hand ideas often enough, it can tip you over the edge into becoming a Change Braker. An advocate for “no change”, a lover of the status quo.